Set up email reminders

Reminders and notifications by email are not yet available. Meanwhile, there are a few limited options to set up email reminders using your own calendar.

Google Calendar

You can set up a default email reminder for any calendar feed. This will apply to all the talks in the feed. (see the Get an up-to-date feed section for more information on calendar feeds)

  • Click on the drop down list next to the calendar created by the feed
  • Choose Edit notifications
Google Calendar
  • Adjust the Event notifications to notify you by Email

Calendar (Mac)

You can set up an email reminder for individual events copied into your Nexus calendar, but not for calendar feeds. (see the Copy talks section for for information about copying talks)

  • Click on the date in an event display
Calendar (Mac)
  • This will open up a panel to edit the date and other options
  • Choose Custom from the alert options list
  • Then choose Email in the pop-up box and set your email address and when you want to be reminded