Sharing editing

You can share the editing of a series or an individual talk or a collection with another Talks Editor

Series of Talks

Series of Talks

Type in the email address of another Talks Editor in the Other Editors field. You will need to know the full address as this field doesn’t autocomplete, however once you’ve finished typing the address will then appear in a drop-down list for you to choose.

You may add as many editors as you like. The Edit button for the Series will then appear in the other editors’ Dashboards


The address will only pop-up in the Talks Editor has already been signed up to Oxford Talks. If their email doesn’t appear, make sure they have been signed up. For more information see Apply to be a Talks Editor.

Individual Talks

If you share editing of a Series with a Talks Editor, then they will have the rights to edit all the Talks in that series too.

You can adjust this in the Other Editors field of the individual talk.


Once you have signed an editor up to your collection they will see it on their Manage Collections page and will find the collection available in the dropdown box on each talk, series and department or unit page.