Editing and Publishing


  1. Click Dashboard in the tool bar at the top of the screen to view all the talks and series you have created.
  2. The column on the left allows you to switch between talks, series and people (speakers, organisers and hosts)
  3. Filters allow you to narrow the list down further

Checking for missing information

Checking for missing information

You can schedule and publish a talk even if you don’t have all the details:

  • You must supply the Date and Time
  • Leave other fields on the form blank
  • Use the Title TBA check box to leave the Title blank

Use the Dashboard Missing Information filters to identify talks with information still to be supplied:

Here, the list of talks has been narrowed down to

  • editable by me
  • still to take place
  • without a speaker


Talks are flagged as Published when you first create them. However, you may want to indicate that a talk’s details are incomplete. In this case you can switch the talk’s status to In Preparation.


To change the status:

  • On the Talk Edit form scroll down to find the Status field
  • Switch the radio button to In preparation.

You can switch back to Published at any time.

What does ‘In preparation’ mean?

What does 'In preparation' mean?

A talk is flagged In preparation so that everyone is aware that the information is subject to change or incomplete.


In preparation talks are:

  • Not Private - all talks can be viewed and appear in all listings
  • This is a change from the previous version of the software, where In preparation talks did not appear in search results