Talks Editors and Talk Organisers

Talk and Series Organisers


  • are involved in the practical organisation of a talk or a series of talks
  • are the main point of contact for enquiries about the event.

Organisers are added to Oxford Talks in the same way as speakers and hosts. If they don’t appear in the drop down list as you type then you can use the Add Person button to add them quickly to the system.

Very often organisers will also be the people who add information about the talk to Oxford Talks - if that’s the case then they will also need to be signed up as a Talks Editor.

Talks Editors

Talks Editors

  • have the rights to edit the information in Oxford Talks
  • must have an Oxford University Single Sign On account and have applied to be a Talks Editor
  • can create new series or talks
  • can be added as an editor to other talks and series.

Once a Talks Editor has been signed up, you should be able to add them to the list of editors for a series or talk by typing their email address.

Why the two roles?

The old Oxford Talks had just one role - the List Manager was the person who added and edited lists and talks and was also the point of contact for enquiries. Anyone could add or edit talks and lists.

When we designed the new system, feedback from administrators was that they would prefer editing and adding of talks to be restricted, so we created the Talks Editor role and put in the option to specify an organiser without having to go through the process of signing them up to be an Editor as well.