Editor Responsibilities

Please be aware that your talks will be advertised quite widely in the University.

They may, for instance, be included in weekly digests and be added to people’s calendars. For this reason, please be sure to keep your talk information up-to-date.


Imagine how annoying it can be to cycle halfway across Oxford only to find that a talk has been rescheduled or the location has changed.


Very few people will make the effort to attend a seminar if they don’t know the title or the speaker.

  • Use the TBA option for titles and speakers so that people can ‘save the date’, but please remember to go back and change the details later.

Easy to find

Bear in mind that users of Oxford Talks may well look for talks by typing keywords or topics into the search box, or by browsing by department or topic.

  • Give your series and lists sensible titles
  • Add an abstract or short description, if you have it available
  • Assign your talks to topics - it shouldn’t take long and even a very generic term can be helpful