Get an up-to-date feed in your own calendar

You can subscribe to a series or list of talks in your own calendar software. Subscribing means that the information is updated on a regular basis, so that you always have the latest information about the times and locations of talks.


At present, it isn’t possible to get the web version of Nexus calendar to subscribe to calendar feeds.

Get the feed URL

  • Find the series you would like to subscribe to
  • Right click on the add to your calendar button to copy the feed to URL to your clipboard (the Copy Shortcut or Copy Link Address option)
Get the feed URL


When you come to paste the URL it should look something like this: . The alphanumeric string is the unique identifier for the series, so this bit will be unique for each feed.


  • After copying the URL, click Open Calendar and select From Internet
  • Paste the URL into the New Internet Calendar Subscription box
  • Click OK
  • The calendar takes the last part of the web address as its name (for example: aed697e6-1a92-473d-a686-f77487689e0b.ics)
  • To change the name click Advanced ...
  1. Type a new name for the calendar in the Folder Name box
  2. Click OK
  • Click Yes
  • The calendar will open as a new calendar in Outlook


You won’t see this subscribed calendar on your web-based Nexus calendar

Calendar (Mac)

  • Copying the feed URL (see the first step in this tutorial)
  • Click File in the top menu and then click New Calendar Subscription
Calendar (Mac)
  • Paste the feed URL into the box
  • Click Subscribe

You will be asked to confirm the settings:

  1. Give the calendar a meaningful Name
  2. Choose On My Mac for the Location of the calendar
  3. Set Auto-refresh to Every day (this should be enough to ensure the information is up-to-date, but be sure to check Oxford Talks as well)
  • The feed will now appear as a new calendar in your list under Other
  • The little wireless symbol reminds you that it is a subscription to a calendar feed

Google Calendar

  • Copy the feed URL (see the first step in this tutorial)
  • Click the Other calendars drop down list
  • Select Add by URL
Google Calendar
  • Paste the feed URL into the URL box
  • Click Add Calendar
  1. You will then find an additional calendar under Other calendars - events will appear on the calendar grid with a shaded background to indicate that they come from a feed
  2. Click the calendar’s drop-down list and select Calendar settings to change the name of the calendar to something more readable

Further Information

If you are using Google Calendar, look at the Get email reminders section to see how to set these up.