Installing and Configuring the Widget


  1. Download the latest files (instructions on downloading from the github repository in this guide)
  2. You will only need to tweak the files in the widget folder - embed_ox_talks.js and embed_example.html (embed_ox_talks.min.js is a minified version of the JavaScript).
  3. However, to get things up and running quickly, place both the widget directory and the libs directory in a single directory on your computer or web server
  4. You are now ready to test the widget by opening and viewing embed_example.html in your browser

Defining your selection of talks

You do this in the HTML page

  1. Open embed_example.html in a text editor
  2. The main work is done in the <script> tag at the bottom of the page
  3. To customise your selection of talks adjust the var params section in the <script> tag. Full instructions on how to do this are given in the Parameters Reference section.
  4. Remove the first set of ‘//’ to activate a particular parameter

Changing how the talks are displayed

  1. In embed_example.html you will see three functions in the <script> tag at the bottom of the page - delivering a table, a plain listing of talks and a calendar view:
showTable( params );                    //appends to body, since no selector specified
showList( params, "#embedded-talks" );  //appends to the specified element
oxtalks.showCalendar( params, "#embedded-calendar" );                 //appends a calendar to the body
  1. All have the option to specify the id of the HTML element you would like to populate, and some example elements are provided in the middle of the page:
<h1>Example of embedding</h1>

<div id="embedded-talks"></div>
<div id="embedded-table"></div>
<div id="embedded-calendar" style="max-width:800px"></div>
  1. Once you’ve finished testing, you can delete the divs you don’t want. Remember that, if you choose the showTable option you will probably want to specify the element you want the table to appear in.
  2. If the actual output of the listing or the table is not to your liking you will need to investigate the JavaScript file embed_ox_talks.js in more detail and adjust the buildList or buildTable functions

Changing the calendar view

  1. You can adjust the way the calendar displays in the var calParams section in the <script> tag in embed_example.html
  2. It is also possible to add more parameters, for a complete overview of the range of parameters go to